voice dysphoria, mh 

you're forced to face so many of them here and every single time it feels like a gruesome epic battle, and not of the fun kind.

slut-shaming from decades ago, eye contact photo 

(Googles her nickname out of pent-up longing.)
(Unlike what I assumed, it doesn't seem to be derived from the shortening of a given name.)
(All of the hits refer to a telenovela actress who went big then disappeared from the spotlight.)
(Looks up broadcasting year, 1997. A match.)
(Telenovela character was a brothel prostitute.)

Well fuck. Maybe she didn't get to pick her school alias after all. She was a bully, she was a dangerous delinquent, but she was a girl.

(The quotation under the headline is "I will never escape the role.")
(The headline itself is "Twenty years later, telenovela actress is still known as a


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our protagonist is secretly high on girlchunks during this scene, hiding it from her minimum age radioactive waste collector job, her panties still secretly sparkling

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the poet is a faker.
she fakes it all so much
that she even pretends it's pain
the pain she indeed feels.

Fernando Pessoa, about me streaming Porpentine.

cw: job search, heavy themes, fictional drug abuse, me vaping industrial strawberry chemical flavour as if it was some drug

House of the Dragon 

Rational brain: It's going to suck. They'll break it apart. They'll break your heart too. Don't forget last time.



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