counseling somebody to break up if their partner keeps not fulfilling their needs. unsure whether they're actually bad for them or it's the black bile in me trying to spread itself.

I mean they have been talking for months of this one core need being ignored no matter what they do, and I'm trying to be very explicit and direct about the fact I'm speaking from an awful place and probably overly pessimistic etc. but still I worry about doing harm rather than good counsel

@elilla I think it’s one of my worst quirks that when people tell me they just broke up I always want to congratulate them. Even if I can see they’re unhappy right now.

@elilla I can't say what you would do but I feel like, even if not for what you're going through, you would still probably say to them that if their essential needs aren't being met then they should consider breaking up. I of course can't entirely say you're doing fine but I can say that, in my opinion, you are. Especially with your being up front about the fact where you are at might be an influence on this I think it is perfecrly okay. Thank you for doing your best <3

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