> I have just written the word "infinite"

> have not included that adjective out of mere rhetorical habit

> I hereby state that it is not illogical to think that the world is infinite. Those who believe it to have limits hypothesize that in some remote place or places the corridors and staircases and hexa­gons may, inconceivably, end—which is absurd.
>And yet those who picture the world as unlimited forget that the number of possible books is *not* .
> I will be bold enough to suggest this solution to the ancient problem:

> The Li­brary is
> unlimited
> but periodic.

> If an eternal traveler should journey in any direction, they would find after untold centuries that the same volumes are repeated in the same disorder—which, thus repeated, becomes order:
> the Order.
> My solitude is cheered by that elegant hope.

@elilla by the way it is not just illogical but makes a perfect physical sense (along with the periodic library metaphor) :)

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