bitching about emacs 

> Warning (initialization): An error occurred while loading ‘/home/ramona/.emacs.el’:

> Wrong number of arguments: (1 . 1), 2

sigh. I love open source software.

(this won’t even be in the .emacs.el, these error messages don’t follow the source when you load others. yup it has existed for 45 years and still does that by default. this will be in some obscure library I wasn’t even aware of which is conflicting about some function signature they changed in the current release, this is emacs dev’s favourite hobby it keeps us in our place, oh look it’s elpy yay.)

((how did I find that? to actually get any context abt what’s happening you need to restart with --debug-init, even though _not_ doing --debug-init doesn’t seem to have any benefit. maybe it made it run 3% faster on a PDP-11 once, it’s impossible to know, the thing that makes emacs actually slow is that it’s an OS without multitasking, these microoptimisations don’t make any difference in the actual latency even in a raspberry or pinebook. it’s what is called a "fix my application toggle". emacs has a lot, and I mean a ~lot~, of fix-my-application toggles. 45 years of problems being fixed in the form of toggles that come off by default, though nobody in the world leaves them off. one’s first step in emacsland is to learn about which toggles to flip up before you start.))

(((there’s two or three entire Emacs distributions whose reason for existence is somebody found and flipped all the fix-my-application toggles before you open the box.)))

((((these are widely derided by emacsbrethen as ableist-slur-ed inferior versions for babies.))))

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