oh wow borg-backup wasn't running. should set up alarms any of these days, haha. let's give it a test run and—

oh I see the problem, it's missing a python module?? but why? it was installed via pip, shouldn't have changed by itself. oh well a pip upgrade solved it.

ah and of course I need to do a port redirect also in the new freifunk router.

ah there's one more thing, I forgot to disable host IP check for my dyndns server and ssh is complaining.

oh yes I also need to disable the borg check for change in local repository path, I changed mounts since them. this is annoying.

ok now it will run… what, fail2ban blocking ssh? ah I see, my new network setup is masquerading all source IPs into the router's accidentally, better turn off f2b for now

lmao how many layers of breakage there was between server and working backups

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