thoughts on lewding in Láadan, sexual/vulgar language, sapphic 

The uwu lang leaves everything else in the dust here, it’s a real work of beauty honestly

But I’m interested in Láadan evidence and emotional morphemes as a way to deal with mask-and-signal, to respect sensibilities, an incipient content-notice system: stop there and say no if this is uncomfortable, cause a girl is going to lewd at you.

Is there even a speech-act morpheme for ‘said in lewd’ tho? Bíihazh (azh=sexual love right now), can we extend the speech acts randomly like this? I think sapphic-lewd often goes hand-in-hand with romantic love (& with lovingkindness for that matter), but bíilihazh is a mouthful. I guess underspecifying it with standard bíili, ‘declared in love’, could work for a non-sexually-explicit flirt. Or bóoli requesting-love?

Upon further thought, I think I’d rather use béli, ‘said while promising love’; a flirt is fundamentally about signalling your availability to them, more than a request; it’s a biscuit conditional, ‘girl if you want this, door’s open’. Bélida woháya-lushimá wone wi,


‘said as a mirthful promise of love: it is evident to everyone that you are pretty and lesbian’

‘playful flirt: u just plainly cute and gay’.

(How to say ‘cute’? áya has another vibe. aháya? I worry that ‘baby’ would be taken too literally, but ‘baby’ *is* a term of endearment in so many languages. Japanese ‘cute’ is derived from ‘pitiable’, in the sense of, you want to take care of them, cf. ‘the sweet one’ archetype in boy bands; wait wait naya-áya>nayáya, ooh this sounds good: Bélida wonayáya wone ✨)

Láadan has a lot of potential, I think—

— Báadazh lilahul liyóozh wo…


“What if we good girls girlsex one another, hard… haha j/k…”

— Béli…?
“Unless…? <3”

(Taking a moment to appreciate that ‘lil’ is ‘to be wet’ and ‘lila’ is ‘to female sexual act’.)

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